How many reps and sets?

One of the biggest confusions I have when I am working out is that I don’t know how many reps and sets to do while working out on a specific muscle. So I keep going back to my trainer after one set and ask him about the next one, which honestly annoys me and him equally.

Now comes the best part – there is NO fixed way of determining the number of reps and sets. Sadly.

So the easiest way to figure out that number is to decide what your ultimate goal is. For example –

1. Endurance – More than 12 reps is always advised in this case. 12-20 to be precise. And clearly, when you do 20 reps the weight will be less than that for 12 reps. A set of 3 should suffice but 4 is always better.

2. Size  –  If you’re looking forward to increasing your muscle size then go for smaller reps, say between 6-12 as you will be determined to lift heavy with each set. A set of 3-5 is perfect.

3. Strength – Reps of 6. However, since you will be lifting crazy-ass weights, the sets will depend on your lifting capability.

I know for a fact that I will still ask my trainer as I always forget. But I hope this helps you *wink*.


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