So, most of us skip the gym on days when we think we don’t have a complete hour ( or more) to spare. I did the same today because i thought that I wont be able to finish my workout on time so I ended up skipping it.

But that is wrong. Primarily for me because it affects my continuation and then the lazy state sets in.

So I read above this amazing 18-minute quick workout i read about in Men’s Health


1. The Dumbbell Press –                             Image

Sit or stand, do 10 reps of this. Main muscle – Shoulders.

Alternate – Triceps.


2. Dumbbell single arm row – Image

Main muscle –  Middle Back.

Alternate muscles worked – biceps, shoulders.


3. Dumbbell Reverse LungeImage

Main muscle – Quadriceps.

Alternate muscles worked – Calves.

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