10 Tips to attain that hot body!

Follow these 10 simple tips to keep yourself motivated and your training in check. Thanks to the wonderful hardworking people at, I am so implementing them from tomorrow.

1. Rest – Is very important. 7-9 Hours of sleep and rest days are a must for muscle recovery in addition to a healthy diet.

2. Eat – Don’t starve yourself. Only protein shakes won’t help. Incorporate at least 40gm of protein in every meal that you have. And obviously, respect the portion sizes.

3. Track your progress – Take selfies! Check yourself out. See if your workout is actually working.

4. Supplements – As reluctant as you might be, they actually help. Both pre and post-workout. Proteins and Amino are essential.

5. Don’t get distracted – Keep gossip sessions for later. Workout when at the gym. Maintain the flow of the session.

6. Assess, don’t obsess – You won’t lose 5 kgs in a day. Calm down. Don’t get too excited about the progress. Take your time.

7. Cheat  – Cheat meals have to be taken! Else even a slight temptation can ruin what you’ve started.

8. Weights or Cardio? – Have to choose? Weights! Cardio is helpful but weight training should be the priority.

9. Intervals – Keep a gap of at least 30-90 secs between sets. Prevents exhaustion.

10. Motivate – Motivate yourself everyday to get up and hit the gym. The outcome will be rewarding for your eyes and others 😉


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