Taboo Tuesdays – 5 Types of Condoms

Following the post on how Indian men are condom shy  ( ), it’s time to classify a few condom types and which one should you buy –

1. LATEX – The most common type. Stretchable, 85% effective. Not to be used with an oil based lube which can cause it to break or slip. Go for a water or silicon based lube instead.

2. NON LATEX – Some men are allergic to latex but that doesn’t mean you won’t use a condom. Not that easily available but you can order them online.

3. TEXTURED – Ribbed or Dotted condoms are designed so as to increase stimulation. However, a survery states that a lot of women do not find them very comfortable. Worth a try maybe?

4. ULTRA-THIN – For those who hate condoms, this is the next best thing. And no, just becasue they are thin doesn’t mean they break easily.

5. FLAVOURED – As hot and enticing as they sound, no point buying them if you’re online looking at proper conventional intercourse. A strict no-no if your partner has a sensitive vagina.


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