Skjermbilde 2010-12-11 kl

Travel Care 101

All those business meetings or an overseas vacation gets to your skin? No worries. Here are a few quick fixes to keep your skin glowing the whole time –

1. Hydration – The most basic fix and one that we easily ignore. The hydration levels of the skin, when fall beyond a certain limit, tend to make the skin dry and tight. They need hydration from within and that can only be done by drinking plenty of water. Also fruits and vegetables let go of their moisture slowly and hence are excellent sources of hydration.

2. In-Flight Grooming – Taking on from point number 1, you must must take at least one large glass of water for every one hour that you sit in the flight. Tea, coffee and alcohol only add to the dehydrating effect so it’s best to avoid them as much as you can. Try using a moisturizer before a flight and in between halts.

3. Jet-lag – Long flights across continents can make you look tired and take a toll on your skin. The best way is to try and adapt as quickly as you can to the new time zone instead of the old one. So that you sleep when it’s the time to and eat meals properly. Also, cutting down on sugar helps with overcoming jet lag.

4. Emergency tricks – Lemon dipped in salt makes for a good teeth cleanser, dab spots with vodka to treat them, salt and olive oil make a good body scrub & hair conditioner is the perfect alternate for shaving cream.

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