There is something about Chandni Chowk which has always intrigued me. I find the streets to be very mysterious and that every corner looks like it has a story attached to it. So this was one of the best photo shoot experiences for me till now. All thanks to Anmol of Mixtape Photography for convincing me to do this.

What I loved most about this series was that I didn’t really have to pose for a shot. All I had to do was walk and observe and Anmol made sure that he took the most beautiful shots.

Making sure that this experience was one of a kind, I chose to wear a navy paisley print shirt by ZOVI. Paisley being a favorite of mine, it was no surprise that I chose this beauty from their wide selection of amazingly priced shirts. Having actually started as a shirting brand, ZOVI is slowly trying to break that perception by introducing an array of different clothing items as well. Have seen their awesome new range yet? Check it out here.

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