A watch is something that I just can’t wear! Be it for board exams back in school or even in the university, I would make sure that I have a big clock in front of me or that the guy next to me would be wearing a watch. I always had this notion that watches are not made for my wrist and any watch that I wear would just not look good.

Despite being punished for it as well back in Flight School, I still wouldn’t do it. Pilots are supposed to have an analog watch on all the time! But then again I forced myself to wear one all through out my training and now I can’t remember the last time I wore one. Also, had no idea what the watchmakers all over the world were doing.

Then I became older, a bit wiser but mostly just a person who doesn’t care much. Although I don’t even know how to ride a bike, I am fascinated by a biker’s lifestyle and sense of style. And that’s exactly when I stumbled upon a watch that I could envision myself wearing.

Diesel is known for their super cool accessories and watches are one of them. So when I came across this Diesel watch, it was love at first sight. I am up for all things vintage and what I like most about this watch is how it has this whole vintage vibe to it. The olive strap looks so cool and adds a lot of character to this modern world creation.The oversized dial makes me swoon! I think it makes my itsy-bitsy wrist look much larger than it is, which is the best thing.

There are so many ways to wear this beautifully crafted accessory and I’m going to show you 2 ways to do it and here is the first one –

The perfect biker look minus the biker jacket because the heat in Delhi won’t let me wear one even for shoot! A plain olive T-shirt, torn black denims and oxblood boots to compliment the perfect watch.

Thanks to Aastha Manchanda for the amazing pictures and the peeps at Blue Tokai for letting us use their beautiful space.


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