I have confessed me love for Zovi T-shirts in the past as well. And this time is no different. There is something about the fit and the design of the T-shirts which Zovi sells online that is incomparable to the other ecomm players.

Zovi has one of the biggest T-shirt catalogues in the menswear online space right now. And after spending almost an hour deciding which ones I would love to feature, I finally narrowed them down to these two!

How adorable is the Jack Sparrow wanted T-shirt? With tons of movie, cricket and TV series lovers out there, I’m sure these T-shirts are selling like hot cakes as they’ve got everyone covered – from Sachin Tendulkar to Breaking Bad to Two and a half men! Their graphic T-shirts are to die for!

Eric on the other hand is wearing a Batman inspired one. We decided to pick the graphic ones as that is a niche that Zovi excels in. But then again they have an amazing array of plain and all over print t-shirts as well. Check them out here.

Photos by the amazing Mixtape Photography.


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