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5 tips for bigger biceps by HealthKart

I love reading HealthKart‘s articles and this is something I wanted to know for sure! Do read their top 5 tips for getting bigger biceps!

1. BEGIN WITH HEAVY WEIGHTS: Begin with a movement that makes you to move maximum weight. Keep it to single-joint movements and do your chins on back day. Standing barbell curl is the most favoured first exercise, as it targets both long and short heads of the biceps.

2. START WITH FEWER REPS: Usually lifters pick a weight they’re comfortable with for 3 sets out of 10 and then move further. You should include a few sets of about 6 heavy reps as it gives you better stimulus for strength building which invariably leads to bigger muscle size.

3. GRADUALLY INCREASE YOUR REPS OVER THE COURSE OF THE WORKOUT: After initial sets of 6 reps, move into the muscle-building rep range of 8-12 reps with a weight and using form that allows you to hit muscle failure at the end. For your next move, pick weights that you can do for 8 reps; for the third, hit for 10 reps. As your arms get exhausted during this workout, pick relatively lighter weights that cause failure at a higher rep target, but while being in the muscle-building rep range.

4. INCLUDE PREACHERS: Preachers are always on the biceps workout list and are a great follow-up to inclines. Include a forward-elbow movement, with your elbows in front of your torso, i.e. preacher curls, where the long head doesn’t get completely stretched and the short head picks up the bulk, giving you a muscle-building stimulus.

5. WRAP UP WITH REVERSE CURLS: Finish your workout using an overhand grip or a palms-down movement. It is an ideal ending move, as it targets both the brachialis and the brachioradialis. Reverse Curls in which the palms are down, are the best exercise for targeting these two muscles. So, save them for the end of your workout.


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