I keep doing these posts about customized clothing for men and it makes me super happy when I see people actually taking the advice seriously and giving the customized services a try.

Bombay Shirt Company is a customization force to be reckoned with. Having catered to thousands of happy clients in Mumbai, they have finally opened their stores in Delhi and Bangalore.

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I had the privilege of taking over their Instagram over the weekend. You can follow them on Instagram here.

The best part about Bombay Shirt Company is that they have something for everyone. Having started as an online portal, I understand how some of you have inhibitions while ordering shirts online, and that too customized ones. But then they have stores now where you can visit and give the shirts and their services a try. That reminds me, have you seen my video on top 5 shirting brands in India?

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With expert stylists and tailors present at the store itself, this place is a customization heaven. They have a whole floor dedicated to men and a different one for women. You can choose from a selection of at least 100 swatches and customize every tiny detail.  And there is a trained stylist to walk you through the whole process. There are also ready to wear shirts available which you can buy straight off the rack.

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You would think that a service that like that would burn a hole in your pocket but that’s really not the case. Their shirts start from as low as 1500 and the quality is incomparable.

I would suggest you head over there and give it a try.


Address: Property No. 115, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
Phone: 011 4902 7477
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