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#WinTheRightWay with Chivas and GQ Men of the Year Awards

I have always been a GQ fan. I mean who isn’t right? And every year as GQ India hosted the GQ Men of The Year Awards, and as always my heart sank. Knowing that some of the top achievers in India came together to celebrate the best in men’s fashion and I wasn’t be there?!!!! I mean even Ranveer Singh, the epitome of experimental fashion in India attended looking fly in a very cool Dsquared look! Unfair right? It wasn’t for some! Just when I was sipping on some Chivas Regal at Agnee, I got to know that I actually might have had a chance to attend the GQ Men of the Year awards!

And it was quite simple actually. You could’ve participated in the Chivas Regal #WinTheRightWay too! All you had to do was buy two large drinks of Chivas Regal from their select partner outlets, fill out a form and you could’ve actually got a chance to be at the award function! Pretty cool isn’t it?

But just when you think the party is over, Chivas Regal is still offering something cool.

Just when my friend gulped down his second large Chivas peg, he was surprised to find that he got a pair of handsome cuff-links! This is what Chivas Regal is offering to all of its loyal consumers at their key outlets. And the cuff-links are just one of the few giveaways. Head over to your nearest outlet and grab some goodies.

 Delhi outlets –
ITC Sheraton, Lobby Lounge
The Park, Agnee

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