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The first time I actually showed interest in Corneliani as a brand, knowing that I will have to wait a few years before I can afford it, is when I came across their India collection. It was all about handsome bandhgalas coming together in luxurious fabrics and demonstrating expert craftsmanship which is Corneliani’s forte and adding a bit of India to it.

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Now a few years later, with my bank balance in the same state, I found myself at the Corneliani AW’16 collection preview at DLF Emporio. And not much had changed. The craftsmanship was still evident in everything that is available at the store and literally all the clothes exuberate luxury.

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My eyes fell on a beautiful tweed jacket which had an pretty scarf draped around the neck. Instant love. After that, the love affair went on for about an hour till I went through the whole collection.  The evening jackets are a classic and a must-have for all those who can afford them. The tuxedos are divine, and they have all the accessories you would need to bring together a classic evening look. Be it scarves, belts and even shoes! The shoes are a dream and are actually not as expensive as one would imagine. I am definitely getting myself one in the future.

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Moving on to the India section, I was awed by the selection of Bandhgala jackets which were at display. But the one which caught my eye was this light pink cashmere jacket which was so soft and so pretty! And to my surprise, just when I thought Indian men won’t embrace a baby pink Nehru jacket, I was shocked to know that they only had 2 of them left! They were all sold out. Funny right? A jacket worth 2lacs sold out?! Well it happens!

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But given the fact that Corneliani is kind of expensive because obviously it’s a luxury brand, they have something for everyone. Their pocket squares start from 6,000 and ties from 11,000 which actually make for a very good investment if you’re looking at eventually have a kick-ass accessory closet. They also have a wide range of cufflinks, shoes and belts which are among the more accessible options.

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Knowing that Corneliani is super luxury, you have to understand that their suits and jackets are a little on the higher side. With jackets started at 60,000, their suits start above 1 lac.

What a lot of people do not know is that they also have a made-to-measure studio in their store which gives you a wide range of customization options. Now if you’re spending a bomb, then you’d rather do that and get the exact size and the fit that you want.

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So head over to Corneliani at DLF Emporio and check out their new collection.

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