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Land Rover Experience – Ludhiana Edition

It’s always been the case that my sister has been a bit more enthusiastic about automobiles than I have ever been. Both of us being Pilots, it’s always been about thrill and achieving something extraordinary.  The Land Rover gave me another such out-of-the-world experience and made me fall in love with cars like I had never imagined. I got the chance to be a part of the Land Rover Experience in Ludhiana and it was definitely something I am going to talk about for the rest of my life.


Now after flying a plane, I didn’t think that there was anything, which would excite me as much. The thrill that you experience while taking off is unmatched and there isn’t anything that comes close to it. But that day, I experienced something, which did give it a tough fight.


The Land Rover is an innovation that has been re-inventing itself time and again for the past 45 years and what we have now is beyond compare. With very advanced and exhilarating features such as the All Terrain Capability and the Hill Descent Control (HDC), the Land Rover definitely doesn’t fail to impress.



I am not going to get into the technicalities because like me, a lot of you might not understand them but I’m going to walk you through my experience and also the link to my Facebook live video so you know what I’m talking about.



Okay now to my favourite part. So whenever you’re a part of the Land Rover Experience, one of the fundamentals is that the cars move in a line. So that you can see the car in–front and witness what is actually happening to yours in a specific maneuver. This makes the Land Rover Experience, even more exciting. The pictures below prove it.

DSC_0354 DSC_0199 DSC_0118

Another very interesting feature is the Terrain Response and there are a wide number of modes you can choose from depending on your terrain – from grass to gravel to sand and even water!And of course, the ground clearance is impeccable.

You can read more about the car here: http://www.landrover.in/index.html

I am extremely thankful to the Land Rover team for letting me be a part of this experience! And now I am convinced that I need to learn how to drive, only so that I can drive this beautiful machine. I suggest you witness the Land Rover Experience at your closest dealership here: http://www.landrover.in/dealer-locator/central.html

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