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You think Crocs is all about Clogs? You’re so wrong!

The first thing which comes to people’s minds when they hear about the brand Crocs, are their signature Clogs. Clogs are probably one of the cutest piece of footwear the world has seen and cherished. They’re super comfortable and available in every colour you can imagine! But today I’m not gonna talk about Clogs.

I love how Crocs is slowly moving away from the concept of just being known for Clogs and introducing a whole lifestyle segment to their existing range of shoes. This includes sneakers, loafers and even boots!

When I went through their vast catalogue, I instantly fell in love with these super adorable sneakers! These ones were a hit for me primarily because of the colour, but once I wore them for a whole day, I realized that I wasn’t feeling tired at all! Almost like I didn’t even walk! They’re THAT comfortable. I’m actually thinking of getting one pair for my father as well. The best part is that they can be worn however you want! I paired them up with a brown sweater and denims underlays to keep it casual yet slightly dressy. You can buy the shoe here.

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My second pick was this black and denim canvas plimsole. Basic black shoes are damn important and any unique element in them makes it all the more loveable. And you think plimsolls are not comfortable? Try this one on! I love my bomber jackets and graphic tees and any shoe which can help me complete that look of mine, is a definite hit! Shop the shoe here.

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For all of you who do not mind spending a lil more on comfort and style at the same time, then you have to check out Crocs range here. Happy shopping!

Photos by the amazing Aastha Manchanda at Select Citywalk.

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