A basic white shirt is super important and also hard to find! The best part is that they are super versatile! And a must-have for every man out there. We have seen that men in India really lose out when it comes to basics. And now onward I’m gonna be doing one segment on how to wear and where to buy basics!

  1. The ultra basic white shirt which I picked up from a Zara sale for just 1000 bucks! It’s easy to get, head over to any of the online portals and get yourself one. I suggest going for a size bigger because it looks cool and is better for Summer!_MG_2129
  2. The embellished shirt – This one from Zara as well. Have some sort of embellishments on the shirt, which makes it cool without being over-the-top. This one is more country style. But then you can go for something with some spikes on the collar or the front as well._MG_2429
  3. The period-drama shirt. This one is more inspired from the Beauty and the Best era. But the best part is that it doubles up as a kurta shirt. So if this is too much for you, head over to Zara or just google “kurta shirts” and you’d probably find one on Limeroad, Jabong or Myntra._MG_2279
  4. The monochrome shirt – A hint of black never killed anybody! Black inserts only make a white shirt better! This one from Mr. Button which is damn cool has black shoulder inserts and trims. Love it? Buy it here.15037336_1359338137412286_3014988595920454796_n
  5. The ombre shirt – there are plenty of shirts online which have the ombre effect with white. This one is a bit old but I bought it from Bhane. Head online and find a similar shirt on any portals. If it’s in linen, buy it instantly. IMG_5730


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