Should you eat before a workout?

This is one question that I ask myself before every workout. Taking cues from a recent article that I read on the same topic, here are a few pointers –

  1. Study has shown that if weight loss is your goal, then the same person who ate a meal 2 hours before the workout showed less results than the one who didn’t eat. So that’s the basic idea.
  2. It depends on the kind of workout. You might get through an hour of yoga but not a really intensive weight-lifting session. Again, it’s subjective to your body. Caffeine, of course is a no-brainer.
  3. If you gotta eat, then go for something like Greek yogurt with some oats or a banana and 2-3 spoons on peanut butter. I prefer the second honestly. And try to keep a gap of 1-2 hours between the meal and the workout.

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