The Real Is Here – Numero Uno

Numero Uno is a brand which possibly every remotely stylish person in India has worn and loves! The best part about their denim is that they are trendy and durable at the same time. And when it comes to men’s fashion, these two are the most important factors. Value for money again is something that we look for, and Numero Uno gives you just that.

The one thing that specifically makes a pair of jeans a hit is its versatility. I am the kind of person who loves to wear the same pair of jeans throughout the day and keep the same ones on when I’m going at night. And this pair of jeans gives me exactly that. The two looks that I have put together is a clear indication of this.

I had the chance to don one of their denim from the new range, and I was not disappointed. The fact that this piece is so versatile makes it even easier for anyone to use it as the best day-to-night fashion item in their wardrobe.

For the first look, I used a cool lime green basic T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers to accessorize the denim. This is my way of a classic day look, but it still has a slight edge to it.

DSC_3549  DSC_3574

The second look is perfect for a day meeting and a cool transition into a comfortable evening look. A white kurta shirt and brown tasseled loafers complete the look. If you want to accessorize it even more, add a brown bag!

DSC_3578 DSC_3579 DSC_3583

For me, dark denim always works better, and this is the perfect piece for this season. Head over to the closest Numero Uno Store and get yours today.

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