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Don’t run to lose weight. Find out why!

  • Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight.  So it is said that just an isolated aerobic exercise does not help. You have a proper balance of diet and other forms of training.
  • People overestimate how many calories are burned during exercise. It’s a myth. You actually don’t burn as many calories while just running or doing a form of cardio as much as you think.
  • Weight training and interval training are more effective weight-loss strategies. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is  more about intensity, duration, and mode of exercise ; Hence, just aerobic exercise is not enough.
  • Seventy-nine percent of runners are injured at least once per year. Running can cause a lot of pressure and injury to your lower limbs as they are subject to the same exercise cycle, while other forms break that monotony.

Source – Greatist.

Photo(c) – Pinterest

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