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This is how to experience the DEAD SEA in Delhi!

Salt Water floatation therapy has been known to have magical effects on one’s body and soul and Delhi finally has it’s first one in Meherchand Market by the name of Liquid Sanctuary.

The owner, Chirag Lilaramani hails from New Zealand is a strong believer of the fact that  floatation therapy is definitely one of the best things there is out there when it comes to help increase concentration and even fix chronic backaches. Now it’s a very interesting concept which I feel, everyone should give a try at least once in their lives and so Chirag has brought this life-changing experience to Delhi!

A basic float tank is filled with 10ft of highly concentrated Epsom salt solution (approximately 750kg of magnesium sulphate), which creates a buoyant force which lets  you float on the surface. The interesting thing is that ocean water has only about 3% salt but float tanks are about 35%, like the Dead Sea.

So basically the idea is to isolate yourself from the world. Once you’re done with a quick shower, you should ideally wipe your face completely and not touch it even once during the whole session because the excess amount of salt in the water can actually cause a lot of irritation in your eyes. The idea is to let go, and hence you can opt for a pitch dark room by controlling the light levers accessible to you within the tank itself. I for one, do not like complete darkness so opted for the lights to be on. It’s a pleasant experience for sure and it definitely helped me sleep better that night. But then again, to actually feel the effects for a long term healing process, this has to be done on a regular basis – ideally once a week or once in two weeks.

But here’s the important part – it’s a little expensive for a weekly session as it is for about Rs.5000 per hour. But if you do have that kind of money then this is the place for you to unwind!

Also for those who can afford it, they can set it up in your house as well!

Check out Liquid Sanctuary – 56 fifth avenue road, Meherchand market, 1st floor, Lodhi colony

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