A lot of you might be wanting to head out to a night of debauchery this festive season. But the major problem in this case is changing into another set of clothes – which I personally hate. So I’m giving you to options for classic day looks which transform to a night outfit seamlessly in collaboration with ColorPlus.

The first look is on the lighter side with a pair of handsome beige trousers which are so comfortable, I can run in them. Paired with a printed navy shirt which fits so well. You might think that this look is too plain for me, but then again if you look closely, the shirt has a tic tac toe pattern all over it._MG_8467 _MG_8492 _MG_8504 _MG_8596 _MG_8612

The second look is a more darker-edgier look. I love how the black on black works to everyone’s advantage when it comes to party dressing. The floral shirt is definitely something that is flamboyant but the monochrome tone mutes it down just a bit. A pair of classic well-fitted black chinos is just what you need yo complete this look._MG_8619 _MG_8624 _MG_8678 _MG_8717Shot by Mixtape Photography.


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