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Get the vintage look on a budget – Find out how!

Have you ever wanted to dress up like a vintage superstar but don’t have the money to attain that impeccable style? Hopefully this post should give you a little perspective. So I never spend a lot of money on clothes until and unless it really calls to me. This outfit idea came to me overnight and I feel I did complete justice to it. Okay so let’s try and calculate the cost of this ensemble –

  • The handsome Zara jacket was bought at just INR 2499 in sale. The trick here is to go to the Zara store first thing in the morning in it’s 3rd or 4th week of sale. Everything is well-stacked up and the best things I’ve ever bought, has been at those times
  • The checkered shirt and trousers are custom tailored by my local tailor with some guidance from a friend who helped figure out the fabric. Approx cost of both together – INR 2000
  • The boots are fab! They’re from my fav shopping destination – Asos and were actually a gift from someone but I can approximate the cost to about INR 2000 again.

Also, thanks to the amazing guys at PR Pundit for letting me shoot with this fancy vintage car a day before the Vintage Car Rally 2018 in Delhi organized by the Stateman.


_MG_5227 _MG_5233 _MG_5252 _MG_5262 _MG_5285 _MG_5351

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