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The best frames out there – Ray-Ban optics

A lot of us associate Ray-Ban with their classic aviator and wayfarer sunnies but what I feel has been left unexplored has got to be their versatile and classy range of optical frames. So here’s my take on how I styled these uber-chic Ray-Ban optics for a handful of occasions

Check out these five looks for every kind of occasion –

  1. I’m mostly very experimental with my work-wear and this outfit defines me completely. But while wearing a busy jacket like this, it’s important to keep the glasses simple! And there was nothing better than these classic and minimal gold aviator Ray-Ban frames!!IMG_1713-nr
  1. My back-to-frat vibes in a very cool polo tee and your glasses need to match the vibe right? This really cool pair of Ray-Ban glasses with a pop of red compliment this look perfectly.IMG_1785-nr
  1. A sleek day to night monochrome look styled with edgy silver Ray-Ban aviator frames. The right pair of glasses can really add that flair to your look. Don’t you agree?IMG_3948
  1. Put your best foot forward for a date night! A sharp blazer, a crisp white shirt and completing this look are these amazing Ray-Ban glasses that are sure to leave a lasting impression!IMG_3938
  1. I’d always ask my friends to book a seat closer to the screen each time we’d go to a movie because I didn’t want to be seen in my basic glasses. Thankfully, I found a pair from the Ray-Ban optical range that looks really sleek and serves the purpose. I can finally say goodbye to boring frames!IMG_1618 (2)


So it’s time that you experiment with your style statement, add a little pop of color to your everyday look and keep the style quotient high… don’t forget to check out the Ray-Ban optical range that is versatile and edgy, ideal for every look and all occasions!!



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