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The hottest colour of the season!

When you’re born and raised in India, you have the perfect skin tone to compliment this one colour which I have loved for a very long time. Every man needs to get his hands on at least one piece of clothing of this colour. And that colour is olive! I saw the most amazing outfit…


Formal shoes so comfortable, you can run in them!

I’ve never been a fan of formal shoes, but when when I saw these two beauties from Churchill & Company, it was love at first sight! Now I had just looked at these pretty shoes and thought to myself that they’re obviously not going to be comfortable. They just look nice! But I was soooooo…


The best workout shoes to own right now!

I have recently started working out again and it’s time that I take it outdoors now that the weather’s getting better. So be it a run in the park or hitting the gym in the evening, you need to be sure that you’re wearing the right clothes and more importantly the right shoes. So I…


You think Crocs is all about Clogs? You’re so wrong!

The first thing which comes to people’s minds when they hear about the brand Crocs, are their signature Clogs. Clogs are probably one of the cutest piece of footwear the world has seen and cherished. They’re super comfortable and available in every colour you can imagine! But today I’m not gonna talk about Clogs. I…



Shahpur Jat is the hub for all wedding shoppers and with tons of brands in this space, only few stand out. Philocaly started by is definitely one of them! With menswear being a minority, they have managed to make a lasting impression on me at least. Situated in the heart of Fashion Street in Shahpur…



Styling a black suit is relatively easier but not as easy as styling a navy blue one. Thanks to the guys at The Bowford Company for sending across some adorable accessories like a skinny tie, checkered bow-tie and a lapel pin. Instead of going for a plain wallet for an oversized man clutch like the…