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Formal shoes so comfortable, you can run in them!

I’ve never been a fan of formal shoes, but when when I saw these two beauties from Churchill & Company, it was love at first sight! Now I had just looked at these pretty shoes and thought to myself that they’re obviously not going to be comfortable. They just look nice! But I was soooooo…

bb lookbook shirts

5 shirts to buy right now!

A good shirt is freakin’ important in a man’s wardrobe and there are very few in India brands who actually manage to deliver the right fit keeping in mind the current trends! So here are my picks for the top 5 shirt brands that every Indian man should keep and eye out for. Some of…


Workout Wednesday – 15 Minute Leg workout at home

Given the horrible weather and absolutely no time, I went online and searched for the most effective leg exercises I could do at home. And here is a 15-minute leg workout by Men’s Health. Dumbbell Goblet Squat http://bcove.me/z7qrxj23 Squat Jump http://bcove.me/c87d3drf Kettlebell Swing http://bcove.me/i6py2l4l Dumbbell Alternating Side Lunge http://bcove.me/l9xwf1wt Split Jump http://bcove.me/dpys1w4a